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Car Bras

Perfect Fit car bras $75-$99 On Sale now! 

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Colgan Original Car Bra

The Best looking and fitting car bra available! Easy to install. Colgan bras are known for setting standards by which others are measured. Made in USA

LeBra Front End Car Bra

When you need custom protection that fits great, looks awesome and is very affordable with tons of applications. Look no further than LeBra!

Perfect Fit Car Bra

Almost a Colgan but limited applications. The unique design maximizes the car bras ability to resist stones and withstand extreme temperatures while protection your vehicle against stone chips, nicks and insects.

Colgan Full T-Shape Bra

Once again the best, the hood portion of this bra goes back to the windshield for maximum protection, designed for most trucks & SUV’s. Available in both regular vinyl and in the carbon fiber look.

RV Bras

With more than 450 patterns, we have the largest library of motor home bras in the industry. We use the finest 22 ounce car bra vinyl available.

Mirror Bras

Colgan Mirror bras to complement your car bra and protect your side mirrors from chips and bugs. Made from the same material as the Colgan bra. Mirror bras available in both regular vinyl and in the carbon fiber look.

Mini Hood Bras

Good quality front end cover with lots of protection. Easy installation and removal. Heavy gauge leather grain vinyl with soft, padded protective backing.

What is a car bra cover?
Sometimes called a front-end bra (front-end mask, hood bra, auto bra, hood mask, car bras, or car mask) is a stretchy type of vinyl that attaches to the front of a car or other vehicle to protect the bumper, hood, and sides of the fender from scratches, paint chipping, and other minor damage from rocks, gravel, and other road debris. Most have the underside of the car bra lined with a felt like material.

Car Bras were first invented in the early 60s for Porsche clubs in America by Bill Colgan. Since then many manufacturers of car bras have come and gone. There are two remaining car bra manufacturing companies that still exist from day one, Colgan Custom which is the high end car bra and the well-known Lebra. Both of these companies have been in business for 20 plus years and going strong.

Many people buy a car bra to dress up their car or to hide previous damage.

Here at carbras we believe that the car bra was built to protect your car and truck from stones and bugs while driving.

After the initial install carbras are very easy to remove and reinstall. This can be done in approximately 5 minutes.


When shopping at you have three different manufacturers of car bras to choose from.  The very best Colgan custom, followed by Lebra and Perfect Fit. The Colgan car bras come with a 3-year warranty and the LeBra is backed with the one-year warranty.


CarBras has been in business for more than 25 years and we know our car bras, after all we are

Yes, car bras are protective covers that are designed to fit over the front end of a vehicle, including the hood and bumper. They are typically made of vinyl or leather material and are installed using straps, hooks, or clips.

Car bras serve a few purposes. Firstly, they offer protection against various elements that can potentially damage the front end of a car. This includes bugs, rocks, road debris, and other minor impacts. The bra acts as a barrier, absorbing the impact and preventing scratches, dents, or chips to the paintwork.

Secondly, car bras can add a stylish look to the vehicle. They come in different designs, colors, and patterns, allowing car owners to customize the appearance of their vehicles. Some people prefer a sleek, sporty look while others may opt for a more rugged or aggressive style.

However, it’s worth noting that car bras are not universally recommended for all vehicles or situations. Here are a few factors to consider:

Compatibility: Car bras are typically designed for specific makes and models of vehicles. It’s important to ensure that the bra you choose is compatible with your car’s dimensions and features.

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