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Covers come in many varieties and offer different protective strengths for your climate and lifestyle. Vehicle covers can protect your car, truck or SUV from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, leaves, dust, industrial fallout, pine needles, snow, ice, even hail and door dings. has something for everyone from a full line of custom tailored covers that hug every curve and offer maximum protection, to the more affordable semi-custom options that offer good protection but not an impressive fit.

Car Covers

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Custom Fit

The Best looking and fitting car covers available! Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. Results: the best fitting car cover in the industry. Easy to install. Covercraft is known for setting standards by which others are measured. Made in USA

Form Fit Covers

Our Most LUXURIOUS Indoor Cover… – See The Stretch – Fits like a glove and the sheared cotton fleece on the inside is the softest finish you can put on a vehicle for indoor storage – a real luxurious custom car cover.

Covercraft Grafix Series

Introducing the Covercraft Grafix Series of custom car covers – attention-getting printed designs on lightweight DWR finish fabrics.
Grafix Series™ Custom Covers provide a durable and strong 75 Denier fiber construction (used in our popular WeatherShield®

Carhartt Truck Covers

Available for the exterior of your pickup or SUV, the Carhartt Work Truck Cover brings classic styling and modern protection to the job site or driveway.quality front end cover with lots of protection. Easy installation and removal.


Now you can protect your classic or collector vehicles from dust while still being able to admire their beauty.The ViewShield provides excellent indoor protection from dust and dirt for your classic or collector vehicle but allows you to still see the colors and contours while being protected.

Universal Covers

Made from Kimberly-Clark Fabrics Breathable Naturally Water Resistant Fabrics Dust / Pollen / UV Protection – Easy To Use – Our wide variety of patterns provides a good semi-custom fit.

Mustang - 50 Years

In 2014 the Ford Mustang celebrated 50 years as an American icon. Get your Special Edition Custom Mustang car cover with the Mustang “50 YEARS” silk-screened logo. Offered for both our custom-patterned Car Covers and UVS100® Custom Sunscreens.


Covercraft offers three specialty type of covers. The Cab Coolers protects the cockpit area only. The Cab Area Cover is a great way to protect the full pickup cab. Interior Covers is protection for convertibles when the top is down.

As the Internet’s first and most trusted reseller of car bras, has gained international recognition as the premiere source for car and truck covers in the United States and Canada. Since 1996, has taken the hassle out of finding the proper car covers for countless makes and models, garnering accolades from dealerships, mechanics and individuals from around the world.Our expert staff works with each client to find the exact custom fit indoor or outdoor protective car cover for any vehicle, scouring our vast network of distributors and resellers, built by over two decades of industry experience. Browse our extensive selection of car, truck, and RV covers and accessories, from floor mats, to seat covers, and anything else you need to keep your vehicle in pristine, showroom condition. Stop by our Whidbey Island location just outside of Seattle, Washington, or email us with any questions you may have about our vast selection of accessories and available covers.

Universal and semi-custom car covers had been around quite a while before Covercraft identified the market potential, and began catering to enthusiasts who wanted a more “perfect fit” for the cover being used to protect their pride and joy. Back in the 60’s (in the last millennium), the most popular covers we made were for British and European sports cars and they were called “mittens”. Today, custom covers are made for everything from kit cars to motor homes.

While outdoor fabric covers can be used indoors as well, their primary function is to provide protection from the elements when the vehicle is parked outdoors – UV, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. Different fabrics provide different degrees of protection.

We offer a wide selection of fabrics, to allow you to select the one that will meet your vehicle’s protection needs and budget. Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. Our range of fabrics is based on experience in manufacturing covers since 1965. We’ve tried to be as realistic as possible in showing how the fabrics perform in certain conditions, but keep in mind that our opinion is based on performance comparisons with other fabrics currently used for vehicle covers.

We have over 80,000 listings in our computerized pattern library and add new patterns every week. Select your vehicle above to find yours.

Car covers serve several practical purposes and offer a range of benefits for vehicle owners. Here are some of the primary uses and advantages of car covers:

Protection from the elements: Car covers act as a protective barrier, shielding your vehicle from various weather conditions. They can protect against rain, snow, ice, and harmful UV rays, which can fade the paint and damage the exterior of your car over time.

Preventing scratches and dings: Car covers provide a layer of defense against scratches, dings, and minor impacts. They act as a barrier between your car’s surface and potential hazards like tree branches, debris, and other objects that could cause damage.

Dust and dirt protection: If you park your vehicle for an extended period, especially in a dusty or construction-prone area, a car cover can help keep dirt and dust from settling on your car’s surface. This reduces the frequency of cleaning and minimizes the risk of scratches during the cleaning process.

Security and theft deterrence: Car covers can act as a deterrent to potential thieves. They make it more difficult for thieves to see valuable items inside your vehicle, potentially discouraging break-ins. Additionally, some car covers have security features like built-in locks or cable systems that provide an extra layer of protection.

Preservation of interior components: Car covers also help protect the interior components of your vehicle. They can prevent the dashboard, seats, and other surfaces from fading and cracking due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. They also keep the interior cooler, reducing the risk of heat damage to electronic components and materials.

Preservation during storage: If you’re storing your vehicle for an extended period, whether it’s in a garage, carport, or outdoor parking, a car cover becomes particularly useful. It safeguards your car from dust, moisture, and potential damage caused by rodents or pests.

Aesthetic preservation: Car covers help preserve the appearance and value of your vehicle. By shielding it from environmental factors and potential hazards, they can keep the paint looking fresh and prevent premature aging or wear.

It’s worth noting that choosing the right car cover is crucial to ensure a proper fit and provide maximum protection. There are different types of car covers available, ranging from lightweight indoor covers to heavy-duty outdoor covers, designed for specific purposes and weather conditions.

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