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Custom Car Bras, Covers, & More

The Ultimate Vehicle Protection offers the ULTIMATE in protection for your vehicle!

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If it is a Car Bra, Car Cover, Car Seat Covers, Floor mats, Auto bra, Front end protector or a Dash Board cover from DashMat we have what you need from the best suppliers like Covercraft, Colgan, LeBra and Coverking all at the very best price; all with free shipping anywhere in the USA!

Car Bras

Protect your vehicle with a Car Bra from Colgan, LeBra and Covercraft

Car Covers

A Car Cover for every budget starting at just $74

Seat Covers

From Carhartt to Leather “We have seat covers”

Floor Liners

Custom Molded Liners and Carpeted Floor Mats

Dash Mats

Nothing better than the “Original DashMat”

UV Sunshields

Keep your interior cool and protected from damaging UV rays

RV Bras & Accessories

RV Bras, RV covers, RV Dash Cover, RV Seat covers and many other RV accessories for your coach.

Cycle Covers

From Scooter to Harley Davidson Motorcycle Covers

Cargo Liners

Keep your SUV and car trunk clean with trunk liners

Canine Covers

Let your canine ride in comfort after all “He is your best friend”

Bug Deflectors

Deflect bugs and stones from your Truck and SUV’s front end

Mirror Bras

Complement your car bra with mirror bras from Colgan is currently the world’s largest car bra, car mask, front end cover, hood bra & bug shield supplier. We have been offering the worlds finest auto bras Perfect Fit, Colgan, Covercraft and LeBra for more than 30 years. The car bra gives you the best coverage from bugs and stones. Our sport or mini bra gives your hood and windshield reprieve from flying debris, while the bug shield is an acrylic version of the mini bra that requires virtually no maintenance.


Customizable to match your car – And you!

We have a product line-up that can be customized to match your personality, favorite sports teams, or even your car. Be sure to look for the  customizable options when searching for floor mats, dash mats, car covers and more.


If it is a Car Bra, Car Cover, Car Seat Covers, Floor mats, Auto bra, Front end protector or a Dash Board cover from DashMat we have what you need from the best suppliers like Covercraft, Colgan, LeBra, MaxPider, Fia and Coverking all at the very best price; all with free shipping anywhere in the USA!

We have solutions for just about every vehicle on the road today. Find your exact ride using our product selectors to guide you through the available options for that specific product.

Trusted Name Brands

Our best car bra is the Colgan Custom which offers maximum hood protection whether using the car bra, truck bra, or van bra. While Colgan Custom vinyl bras offer protection as BMW bras, Mercedes bras, Jeep bras; a hot new look for your car is Colgan’s Carbon Fiber Bra. If you are looking for a front end cover, it is hard to do better that a Colgan Custom Bra.


Founded in 1965, Covercraft manufactures premium quality exterior and interior protection products for automotive, powersports and RV applications.


In 1979, a US Air Force retiree living in Arizona noticed the number of vehicles driving around with towels and rags on the dash area in an effort to reduce the harsh heat and glare of the desert sun.


We delight our customers by protecting and enhancing their belongings. Our customers are the focus of every decision we make.


A LeBra Custom Front-End Cover is the easiest way to protect your vehicle from unexpected road damage. Its stylish protection makes your vehicle look great!


The Original Car Bra, Colgan is known for setting standards by which others are measured. Full front coverage protection for cars, trucks, vans and sport utilities. Made in the USA!


When it comes to protecting your motor home, you want the best quality with affordable prices. Made of tough vinyl and comes in variety of colors to choose from. Protect your motor home’s front end from chips, dents, and small scratches.

Since 1997, has helped countless customers keep their vehicles in tiptop condition with custom car bras, car covers, seat covers, floor liners and other products. We all wish our vehicles could maintain the shine and pristineness they had when we first drove them away from the dealership. With the right products, you can maintain that “showroom shine” and help protect your investment by keeping your vehicle in great condition.

No matter how careful of a driver you are, your vehicle is susceptible to accumulating dirt and other debris that leaves it looking dirty. Even worse, it could lead to scratches and other tarnishes.

Fortunately, a custom car bra serves as a protective shield that keeps your car’s paintjob intact and safeguards it from scratches, chips and dents. Moreover, it helps prevent rusting from occurring and helps your vehicle maintain the high end of its resale value.

Car Covers and Seat Covers

In addition, we sell a variety of custom car fit covers, including universal fit covers, indoor car covers and specialty car covers that will protect your vehicle from outdoor elements, scratches, dents, animals, thieves and more. What’s more, car covers help keep your vehicle warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer when you first get in to drive it. They also protect your vehicle’s interior from fading, among other advantages.

Meanwhile, seat covers will protect your upholstery from the sun’s rays, dirt, other debris, and unforeseen spills!

And Many Other Vehicle Protection and Maintenance Products

Although we’re renowned for our custom clear bras, car covers and seat covers, we also sell numerous other products, including:

  • Floor Liners
  • Dash Mats
  • UV Sunshields
  • RV Bras and Accessories
  • Motorcycle Covers
  • And much more!

One of the best parts about ordering from our site is we offer FREE shipping! If you have any general or specific questions about the products in our inventory or would like to discuss your specific needs, contact us today.




Are you looking for a reliable custom car mask or bra? If so, look no further than We have all sorts of options in our inventory from the most reliable brands in the industry, including Colgan custom bras.

Reasons to Choose Colgan Custom Bras       

Undoubtedly, there are few, if any better options than a custom Colgan bra for your vehicle. Named after the founder of Colgan who is often referred to as the “father of the car bra,” their selections feature extra padding and protection and no loose parts. In fact, they’re easy to install; you don’t need any special tools to add it to your vehicle, nor do you need to worry about properly bending hooks or trying to strap together pesky Velcro stirps. 

Colgan car bras come with a three year warranty, and when you shop with, you receive FREE shipping on your purchase! In addition to car bras for cars, trucks and SUVs, we also offer RV covers for sale and other many other accessories.

To learn more about the advantages of purchasing a custom auto bra from Colgan, contact us today. is a company that specializes in providing car bras and front end covers for a wide range of vehicles and trucks. Car bras, also known as front end masks or hood protectors, are protective covers that are designed to fit over the front end of a vehicle. They typically cover the front bumper, grille, and sometimes the hood of the car.


Car bras serve multiple purposes. They help protect the vehicle’s front end from road debris, such as stones, bugs, and other debris that can cause chips, scratches, or dents. They can also provide some level of protection against minor impacts or collisions. Additionally, car bras can enhance the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle, giving it a sportier or more aggressive look. offers a variety of car bras and front end covers that are designed to fit specific makes and models of vehicles and trucks. They provide a range of options in terms of materials, styles, and designs, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their preferences and needs.


If you’re interested in purchasing a car bra or front end cover, is the best place to explore our available options and find a product that matches your vehicle’s make and model.

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