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Canine Covers

For Man’s Best Friend

Canine Seat Protectors

Front & Rear seat protector for fit and comfort for your dog tailored to fit the rear seat of your car, SUV or pickup.

Canine Cargo Liners

Turns the back of an SUV or wagon into a comfortable travel bed. Cargo area dog pad, custom tailored for a perfect fit.

Dog Beds

Our premium canine beds are used at leading hotels that cater to their four-legged guests for their comfort.

Seat & Cargo Pads

Heavy-duty quilted material protects seats and cargo area and provides a comfortable pad for pets.

Seat Hammocks

Talk about “chillin” A quick and easy cover to help keep the vehicle interior cleaner and to ride in style. Durable urethane-coated woven polyester fabric.

Travel Barriers

Universal-fit barrier helps keep your canine in the backseat area which is the safer way to travel for both you and your pet.

Door Shields

Protect inside vehicle door panels from scuffs and dirt. Ideal for those dogs that love to ride with the “wind in their hair”

Travel Harnesses

Seatbelt wearing humans are protected in most accidents, give your dog the same kind of protection!

Canine Covers provide a comfortable way for “man’s best friend” to travel, while protecting vehicle seating surfaces, floor, seat back and cargo area from pet hair, scuffing and “accidents”. Canine Covers are the ultimate seat protectors for people who travel with dogs and want to maintain the interior appearance of their car or SUV. The first Canine Cover was developed in 1998 and the program now includes both custom and universal-type seat protectors and a plush, easy-to-clean dog bed for home use or travel.