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RV Bras

All RV bras on SALE now!  

Custom Fit RV Bras For Classes A, B & C

We use the finest 22-ounce car bra vinyl available with felt backing. By closing off and reinforcing these openings, the mask’s body is kept snug and tight, greatly reducing vibrations and preventing excess debris from getting behind it.

Our bra fastens to your coach using twist fasteners across the top and along the sides. On most RV’s, the bottom edge is secured with our proprietary self-tensioning hooks. After the first application, our hooks never have to be reshaped.

On Sale Now –  $699

On Sale Now – $139-$300

On Sale Now – $139-$300

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax*

*Sales Tax Applies in Washington State Only

Prevents Damage

Installing a bra will make it easy to clean away bug splatter and it will stop rocks from denting your front end and chipping off your paint.

Easy to Store

While it’s somewhat of a hassle to remove and reinstall the bra in between your travels, it takes less than five minutes total, making it a simple solution for protecting your front end.

3 Year Warranty

Protected against defects in material and workmanship. All components are Made In America.


Tell us more about your RV and we’ll be in touch about options.

    Yes, there are car bras specifically designed for recreational vehicles (RVs). RV bras, also known as RV front-end masks or RV bras, are protective covers that fit over the front end of an RV to shield it from road debris, bugs, and other potential damage.
    RV bras are similar to car bras used for passenger cars but are designed to accommodate the larger size and unique shape of RVs. They are typically made from durable vinyl and provide a layer of protection for the RV’s front end, including the grille, headlights, and paintwork.
    It’s important to provide the make, model, and year of your RV when looking for an RV bra to ensure proper fitment.
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